Monster Katz for Windows

This document is for the Trial/Free Windows version of Monster Katz downloaded from Tinys Fury Studio website.  If you are interested in the Windows Phone version, you should be able to buy/try it from

For the XBox version, you will need to visit the Indie Games section of the XBox Live Marketplace at

For most people who are comfortable downloading applications, these instructions may seem verbose.  We have included as much detail as practical to help those that do not have a lot of experience downloading and installing programs (where is that IT person anyway ;)

There are two versions of Monster Katz available for Windows:

HiDef – a version that uses high end graphics capabilities of the newest generation of video graphics cards.

Reach – a version that can be played by more commonly available graphics cards.

At a minimum, your video graphics card must support Shader 1.1.  Shader 2.0 is required for the HiDef version of the game.   If you don’t know the answer to that and your computer is more than a couple years old or has not been outfitted with a new-ish graphics card, you may want to try the Reach version.  We’ve been successful at installing the Reach version on computers over 3 years old including laptops with generic integrated graphics cards.  However, we can’t guarantee the game will run on every combination.  This computer technology stuff moves pretty fast.

A list of some video cards known to work/not work can be found @

We have scanned our files for security threats before making them available for download.  We also do test downloads periodically to ensure the files are authentic and working.

If you do not have active security software that will scan for viruses and other malware in downloaded content, you should do so before proceeding.

Once you have confirmed your video graphics card is capable, select the appropriate version from the links below:



Click one of the above links or copy to your browser (the following illustrations are for Windows 7/Internet Explorer – specifics may be different is you use other software).

You should be prompted by your browser to Install the application.  Click on the Install button.  Unless you have downloaded a game similar to Monster Katz before (from XBOX Live Indie Games/XBLIG) your computer may need additional files in addition to the game itself.  Clicking Install willl perform an install of the required files before downloading Monster Katz.

Your browser should then prompt you to Run or Save the download.   Ideally the install could be simple at this point and you could just Run the install directly over the internet.   That’s how we do it.

However, most browsers will have security set to prevent running the setup directly, so even when choosing the run or Save option you might still be prompted that “setup.exe” is not “usually” downloaded.

If you do choose to continue and run the setup.exe, it will check for the required files and install them if needed.  Follow the instructions provided by the setup program.  A reboot of your computer should not generally be needed but we have seen it required in some cases.  Once all the required files have been installed, the setup will install and then run Monster Katz.

If the game does not start, it could be that your computer does not have the necessary graphics card capabilities for the version you selected.

Please contact us if you have any issues.




If you don’t want to run the setup directly, you can download a compressed file containing all the setup files.



Most browsers will then save the file to a “download” location on your computer.

Your browser should indicate the download is starting and give you some sort of status.



Once the download is complete, you will need to uncompress the download and run the setup file.

Locate the file (View Downloads  on most browsers will take you to the file), and open it.











Opening the compressed file (the downloaded file) will show you the contents, but you need to extract them before running the setup.  This is where a lot of people get caught up.  Think of the compressed file you downloaded as an envelope with some papers in it.  You can peek inside and see there are a bunch of papers but you can’t read what is on the papers until you take them out of the envelope.  Similar issue here.  The files inside the compressed folder (papers in the envelope) cannot be read by your computer until they are all taken out (copied out/extracted).

Extract the Application Files folder along with the MK and setup files to a location on your computer

Typically on Windows computers you can just copy these files directly by selecting them and then dragging them to a new folder (or right mouse clicking and selecting copy, then right mouse click in the new folder and click paste).






After the copy, you should see the Application Files folder, MK and setup files in the location you specified.

Click on the setup.exe and follow the instructions to install Monster Katz.

If you see a dialog such as below, do not install if you have received the setup from anywhere other than

If you did download from you can click the Run (or Install, depending on your version of Windows) button








The setup will verify that you have the required software on your computer. If not it will prompt you to install certain software needed by Monster Katz.

Once all required software is installed, you will be prompted to install Monster Katz.  Click Install.









You will see the install status







After the game is installed successfully, it will start automatically.



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