Monster Katz

Monster Katz is an exciting action-packed TD style game available on Windows, XBox (XBLIG) and Windows Phone,

The game revolves around a fine balance of using/preserving resources (primarily water and wind) as you attempt to fend off herds (clutters, clowder…whatever you want to call a bunch) of Monster Katz.

Players use water-powered items like water-pistols, trebuchets and sprinklers, as well as non-water-powered items like Kat Scratch Tree to hold off and “dissapurr” the Monster Katz before they destroy your Water Tank.

The game has over 35 exciting levels across 3 challenging maps:  Field, Graveyard, and FunHouse.


Windmills (or the Water Pump later in FunHouse levels) are used by the player to pull natural spring water out of the ground and store it in the player’s Water Tank.

Players are rewarded at the end of the level with a bonus for preserving any water they have left in the ground!

Windmills need wind to operate, so the player must capture wind gusts that fly by.  Each gust keeps a Windmill going for a period of time.

As the Water Tank is filled, it uses the flow of water to generate and collect “Whisper” energy that is used to produce item’s the player has selected.

Players advance through the levels by disapurring the herds of Monster Katz without letting any attack the Water Tank.

Monster Katz leave behind their jewelled collars when they disappurr which the player collects for Coin. Coin is used to fund the production of fantastic new items that the player’s Research & Development team have “whiteboarded”.


As the player progresses through the levels, new and more difficult Monster Katz join in to make it more challenging for the player.   Monster Katz may walk or fly.  Monster Katz may have special attacks such as lightning, or toxic furr balls – or they might just have sharp clawz!

At the early levels, the gameplay is contained on one screen.  As the levels progress, the play area expands which is both an advantage to the player and also an additional challenge.  In the FunHouse level, the game is played on three different floors!


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